Reading online about the raw milk debate can make your head spin. In the beginning, it’s an excited, hopeful kind of disorientation like that experienced when first reading about the wonders of apple cider vinegar, grape seed oil or acai berries. Suddenly you wonder why you haven’t been downing bottles your whole life because if you’d have been, you’d be problem-free, obviously. But after reading some of the not-so-nice stories and then hearing Colbert make fun of you, you start to wonder if you’re actually insane, like Ron Paul or the people who drink their own urine. Are you turning into one of those compulsive message-board fanatics? Is this going to be like the time you spent every night for a week with goat yogurt on your face? How will you fit all of these various all-natural supplement-taking activities into your morning routine? Will you need to wake up at 5:30 now instead of 5:45? And so on. Ugh.